The year of Glass coating

Choose the glass coating which according to the color of the car

It is a glass coating that plus a new beauty to the body of most cars by the brilliance of transparent glass , but should be chosen to match the color of a car with the original performance of shine other than such . The typical performance is related to water , such as hydrophilic or water-repellent to be applied to the glass coating , necessary to select a coating of optimum performance by the color of the car comes out .

White hydrophilic white water-repellent , dirt and moist , it is the performance required in order to maintain good visibility to play the rain water during the rain , but the left and right of the need greatly by the color of the car is the role of these it's become Rukoto .

For example , if the color of the car was light in color , it is light in color with a feeling of cleanliness is therefore necessary to select a glass coating of water-repellent so that the small dirt also conspicuous , keep off dirt containing water comes out . Hard to leave dirt on the body of a light color by the glass coating of water-repellent , repel effect is effective is the visible dirt . In the case of the body of a dark color on the contrary, I will be white dirt marks of rain water during the rain has dried stand out even more .

In the case of glass coat of water-repellent playing the water , rain water will be left to the vehicle body a little drop of water , I may remain after the white dirt of countless dry by the number of water droplets in this case . I can say in the dark trace of rain water tends to remain for the color , glass hydrophilic coating that will flow down the water together at the time of rain is suitable . Choosing a glass coating agent hydrophilic or water repellency to match the color of the car in this way is important .