The year of Glass coating

Properties of the glass coating

Now is the glass coating popular as a coating to protect the body of the car , but it would be inhospitable glass coat the dirt of all In terms of the characteristic bite . It is for us to be able glass coating which is formed by applying a glass coating material is not ward off any soil containing water , and rinsed with wash just dirt most .

I can effort to clean the body of the car is greatly reduced by this . That it is possible that necessary to perform the powerful cleaning at car wash almost no , to clean the body just shed water hose 's the secret of the popularity of glass coating . There is the effect that not only keep off dirt , to increase the durability of the body by the hardness of the glass , prevent scratch the body itself and the surface painting is further coated glass .

There is a risk that small scratches on the body for some reason always car traveling at a high speed , but us significantly reduce the risk It is the properties of the glass coating . Then , the film of a transparent glass coating , can be expected to effect adds luster to the body by reflecting a small amount not only pass light , to color up further the beauty of the car .

Make the new shine of the car itself above all maintenance costs and relaxation , significantly amplifies the beauty of the body for the characteristics of these glass coating , car coating eliminates most of the hassle of car wash , wound also not attached , it's me continued to maintain a long time the state .