The year of Glass coating

How to maintenance the car which already glass coating

You may want to say that the greatest benefit to be applied to car glass coating , and is to significantly reduce the time and effort of maintenance and repair of the car wash and car . By protecting the body of the car with a glass coat durable , you can be is not ward off any dirt containing water and scratch a little paint , car wash also repair also Hassle .

However , it is a story that has only minor dirt , such as a small drop of water and mud and scratches only . It does not expire protect the body also would be a glass coating parable when a large impact is struck by a car accident some Moshimo .

Be subject to maintenance at the repair shop as usual will come out big damage arising from a case that . As long as it is not a big dirt scratches and such , that the body of the glass coating is Hassle literally as described above is also true . It is possible to reduce dramatically the need for repair of the wound to wash it away with a simple washing in water most dirt , and small scratches keep off .

If , you can no longer fall back dirt by washing in water , a small wound if began to stand out , it means that the glass coating is worn , the life of the glass coating that nearing an end . We are able it is possible to regain the durability of the restored and also , if the construction again the glass coating procedure neat Even in such a case , to return to the state of the Hassle of restored . It may be said that if the car that gave the glass coating , and maintenance method corresponding to repair quickly only if you do not worry about minor scratches and dirt , and a big wound occurs is correct .