The year of Glass coating

How to wash the car which already glass coating

Body of the car that the glass coating will be able to remove the dirt most simple washing in water . In addition to simply wash with water , it is washed with water that you have used the necessities such as shampoo and a soft sponge to say that washing in water .

Through the car wash gently with plenty of water , you will wash way to wash away the dirt easily containing moisture , not to damage the glass court at the same time . Hardness is high indeed , glass film formed by coating glass , has the durability to protect the body from a small wound . However, it is to say that it says protect and have change of ownership the burden glass film itself that should extend to the body , it's possible enough that the glass film itself is damaged .

Therefore , life is present in the glass coating , the coating film is worn every time has elapsed , it will continue to decline its effects . In any case , transparency is the biggest attraction of the glass coating is impaired by a small wound countless , shine of glass coating is lost, and so impair even the beauty of the body of the original if you just say just glass coating becomes thinner that I put it away is a problem .

In order to avoid such a situation , car wash how low-impact and easy with sponge and shampoo is recommended for car wash so that it does not hurt even a little glass coat . Such as those who want subjected to car wash more efficiently , is recommended and high-pressure washing machine washing with strong water pressure . There is little to worry about leaving a scratch on the glass court if only water pressure , even though powerful .