The year of Glass coating

Advantages and disadvantages of glass coating

Film with a strong glass coating is formed on the body surface of the car by the glass coating of once , not only provides the durability to protect from scratches car paint , the benefits of performing the glass coating , water grants and water repellency numerous benefits will occur not repel the dirt that contains , to wash away the dirt and clean just wash in water .

Simply because so that I show the effect of significantly reducing the maintenance cost of the car , can you reduce the burden of the owner of the car , such as a car wash , the popularity of glass coating are you continues to grow most of them . Such benefits surface has been noted along with the popularity of the glass coating , but also disadvantages do exist in reverse .

After all, the biggest disadvantage of the glass coating is to say to be a one-shot deal to be difficult to undo that and that construction of the glass coating . Is durable to protect from small scratches body glass coating as described above , and then strongly adhere to the body . It's become shall not peeled off and becomes disadvantage reversed in trying to peel off the coating film strength of the adhesion is established , if the collateral painting most . If you try to Yarinaoso or fails to glass coating , it will become a dire state as can not bear to see once the body of the car .

Glass coating construction is easy to work itself to be associated with failure , which is not likely to neglect the preparation is unlikely enough . By resulting in the glass coating as it is unaware of the small scratches and dirt in construction before , it would be an example of the failure typical of glass coating and becomes a thing to be protected by glass coat scratches and dirt . Risk of such failure is high 's the disadvantage of glass coating .