The year of Glass coating

The care that must not be absolutly of the car which already glass coating

The car that gave the glass coating , it is possible to wash away with a simple wash the dirt most , labor is no longer applied to the care . This is an effect caused by that you have protected by a transparent glass coat the surface of the body of the car , that's why this does not forget that the notes different from the care of the normal vehicle is also generated at the same time .

For care of the car normal , in order to clean the car rather than just wash the body , by polish polished dare to paint superimposed paint thick , such as care to drop neatly a small dirt erosion and scratches I also present . Mindfulness skills and very high is required for the care , but is the care that can be in a beautiful state the car in exchange for some irregularities by scraping the paint just as it is necessary .

It is also possible to repaint the painting of the same color paint that further sharpened . Such a hassle to care very convenient way even if it takes also , I become the care and how it should not have absolutely the car was subjected to a glass coating once . This means you are cutting the glass coat to the point before the paint if you are going Migako by cutting the paint , then even if I put paint paint new , there is a glass coat on top of the painted surface of the bottom line and body of the car because , does not present any new paint to be fixed first .

There is a case to be strictly prohibited effect , or no care is part of the glass coating as this . However it 's a limitation that occur as arguments Sort benefits and is not a disadvantage , the need for such care that there is little by the durability of the glass coating .