The year of Glass coating

Choose the glass coating by your style of car wash

By applying a glass coating , it is possible to significantly reduce the effort of wash is not repel dirt containing water is a well-known benefits . It is said that it is good car wash also only wash in water after applying the glass coating we probably . However , this wash is not a wash in water only wash with water simply .

Dirt considerable fall just to flow with water , to be sure, but be car wash with a soft sponge with a car shampoo neat is recommended to be on the safe side . In addition, the style that causes the dirt and car wash at a stretch in the water flow of high pressure is also recommended .

Say bottom line here so as not to wear the film on the glass court which gave much trouble , car wash style washed with pure water pressure or a soft sponge is recommended , when I make a different not use cleaning products containing abrasive or dry towel would be . Durable certainly glass coating , it is powerful enough protect from minor scratches the body of the car itself , but the glass film itself is impossible enough be scratched and worn . Fine scratches Once you have generated countless glass film by abrasive towel or dry , shine due to high transparency , which is one of the attractions of glass coating also will be losing its luster at once .

Also in order not to loss the effect of glass coating precious , it is necessary to choose a car wash style that was in the glass coating . In particular , since I can drop the dirt with a simple washing in water by the glass coating , you need to avoid powerful car wash style , such as dropping a strong dirt .